Thursday, 26 April 2012

Meet our newest Style Reporter 
Tijiana Copic &Farangiz Atamuradova

Tijana is a parallel student at Warwick Business School and Faculty of Information Technology, and is deeply in love with aesthetics of photography, Vogue editorials, tumblr and Karl Lagerfeld. Her photography is inspired by sophisticated yet très chic street style, pastel Ladurée colours and simplistic architectural forms.

Farangiz, or as most know her by the name Fara, is a multicultural persona who has been living in the UK for 3 years. Her passion for fashion was inspired by the fashion groups that she worked for in University of St. Andrews( yes, yes, the one where Prince William met Kate). She grew up in a melting-pot city of Dubai, city of lights, glamour and skyscrapers. Her love for photography came from a young age, 
inspired by her mother.

On the campus:

A Crimson Cloche Hat and A Classic Braided Pigtails.
One word: Cute!