Friday, 9 March 2012

The Rise of a New McQueen by Lucas Grant 

Alexander McQueen advertising 2012

Alexander McQueen: A name synonymous with couture, decadence and celestial imagination. McQueen was born on the 17th March, 1969 in Lewisham, London; he heralded from a modest background, working class even, from a council flat in Lewisham, London.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

ALEXA CORLETT by Pair Anantawithayanon
for shot by Matthew Williamson.
 1. Name, Age, Height, Agency
Alexa Corlett, 20 years old, 1.80m, Marilyn Agency Paris

2.How did you get into modeling? (Discuss being scouted or going in and asking if you had talent)

I've been scouted a couple of times when living overseas in Bangkok, Shanghai and in Germany but I've never been able to give it a full go, because I was in school and was moving countries every year. After I finished school, moved back to Cape Town, a good friend of mine said "you're coming into the agency with me, I'll introduce you" so I went in, the manager sat me down to talk. the agency was bouncing with excitement when they told me "you're going to go far."
3.What inspired you to become a model?

As a girl I've always loved dressing up and taking photos and feeling pretty. I used to watch FTV and Americas Next Top Model and dream of being one of those girls, so by the time I finished school I thought it's time to stop wondering and start believing.