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Meet Pearypie, the make-up artist of the moment. With a growing number of fans, she is the rising artist in the world of beauty. 
Pearypie Tutorial:Neon Look
Name: Amata Chittasenee (Pearypie)

The beginning of her passion for make up...
17 I guess, it began when I bought my first eyeliner- it was blue. At that age, not many teenagers were wearing makeup. I felt different from others. I became in love with makeup more when my friends started buying eye shadow palettes for me as gifts.”

Her development as a make-up artist:
I am a self taught makeup artist. I would say I trained myself by practicing on my own face. I never enrolled in makeup school, but the fact that I was always in love with art, helped develop my skills and ideas. I have always been keen when meeting makeup artists or even sales assistants at the makeup counter. I always asked for tips and tricks. Sometimes, I find a day course to do for example-airbrush course, hair course. I also love looking at trends, fashion-week makeup looks, magazines and youtube videos.
Her first step into the world of beauty...
I was still an amateur and did not know much about the world of beauty and fashion but I always helped out in photo shoots, doing makeup for my friends’ projects. (Friends who did photography courses as well as jewelry and fashion-related courses.)
Her signature look...
Clean and graphic.
Dark Side by Pearypie
Model Santarn Karnchan (Pui)
I love working with lines and shapes, together with clean skin. I balance out my creativity, I don't go for full on makeup looks. For example-lots of foundation, overly perfected eyebrows, black smokey eyes, lots of cheek contours and red lips. I find that boring and overdone. I don't believe that doing makeup is like calculating maths. We don’t have formulas or steps.
Anything can happen...
Her style, This is what sets her apart from other make-up artists...
I work beyond the given themes, - I add my own elements inside the work. If someone said 'I want red lips, I do not only think that Red is the color that I will use, but I think about how many shades of reds exist, do I want gloss lips or matte lips? Can I add a bit of pink to the centre of lips? Or can I outline the lip with darker red color?”
Her most memorable moment...
The most memorable moment is when one of the head makeup artists held my hand at the London fashion week and said 'Thankyou so much for being here, if you weren't here. I wouldn't have this show'
Her experience at London Fashion Week...
“It was one of the best weeks I ever had in my life. It was my first time working at LFW. I Woke up at 5am everyday and worked until 9pm. I was super tired yet I had so much fun! I assisted 3 head makeup artists for 12 shows. And it was not just cleaning the brushes or handing products to the head but I actually did at least 2 or 3 models by myself per show!”
Her favorite show... 
Pam Hogg, for more of Pearypie’s work check out: Pearypie@LFW

Pam Hogg's show

Her favourite make-up look at LFW:
House of Evolution, the one inspired by ice queen but it wasn't like ICE QUEEN ICE QUEEN! More high fashion/beauty look where we coat lots of mascara on the models but the tip of the lashes were white- we used white body paint!” 
House of Evolution - Nadine Merabi
House of Evolution-Nadine Merabi

The tools she can’t live without...
A Good makeup base- I believe beautiful makeup start from beautiful skin and lips. Also, eyeliner brush!
The designer she would love to work with:
Dior couture- that would be my dream
In fact- I would love to be on Pat Mcgrath's team and shows. 
Apart from make-up...
“I love taking pictures! And editing them in different colors. I also used to paint and draw a lot. But now everything is about makeup for me." 

Her top three beauty tips:
1.Always clean your face before going to bed.
2.You don’t need to buy expensive makeup, but good skin care is a must
3.Experiment with your looks, it's just makeup. If you don’t like it, just remove it.

The common beauty mistake that women make...
Too much of everything. To cover spots and blemishes, you do not need a lot of foundation or powder because it will make you look old. Or if you want to wear a bright lip color then use less eye makeup-focus only on one or two features of your face...” 
Her inspiration...
My mother, my family, my friends, a lot of makeup artists and artists and most importantly my fan club.
Her favorite make up must have products:
1. My eyeliner-cle de peau
2. False lashes
3. Concealer-makeup store
4. Eyebrow pencil-shu
Her technique to preparing your skin before applying make up...
Clean skin, good moisturizer, not too heavy. Massage well into the skin. Leave it for few mins before starting your routine makeup.

The must-have product in every woman’s purse:  

Lip balm
The fashion house that has the strongest beauty looks:
Dior, ofcourse!
The person she would like to work with:
Lady gaga and those artists that are very individual and unique. 
Make-Up Artist by Pearpie

Behind the scene of The Overture project:
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If she wasn’t a make-up artist. What would she be?
“A chef - I love cooking.”

For a sexy military chic look: 

A preview of Pearypie's Make-Up Portfolio: 

Her mantra:
“Believe in who you are and enjoy every day as if it's a last day of your life”

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Written by: Pair Anantawithayanon