Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Only 3 designs out of MANY went into the Final Panel and our judge, Terzann, has made her final decision on which design will become the winner of this competition. 


Because the WFGs love all 3 of them.. 
They will ALL be sold on the WFG ONLINE SHOP!


The winner, in WFG first ever challenge, will receive a SURPRISE.. 
From TERZANN ELLIOTT, Designer of Lady Knuckles!
Terzann says, 'I'm going to design something to go with it!'

Best Design Award: MARIE- ALICE LEXA




So, What does our Judge, Terzann Elliott love about?!

 I would wear this one!
The designer has cleverly captured by way of a photo, a graphic and physical image that to me evokes emotion with a realness to it. It's intriguing and thoughtfully composed. This one is my favourite, it's artistic and modern. It has many different feelings, and makes you look hard to see what is 
actually going on. It means different 
things to different people as they 
so wish to interpret.

This can be very popular.
This design has a strong message, one that can be taken in more than one obvious way, it brings up interesting current issues. 
It makes you think.
'Forget about the price tag..'

People can relate to it. 
This design effectively reinforces the visual idea with the use of a strong font. The message to me is quite clear, in these times of chaos, where we feel like we are chasing our tails. Stop and 'Focus' on the ultimate outcome.

CONGRATULATIONS to Marie, Margaux and Laure

Now THE EVEN MORE EXCITING things come..

'WHAT WILL MARIE, our winner of this competition, receive from Terzann?'
'WFG Online Shop is coming soon! 
T-shirts will be available in different colours 

LOOK HOT in these designers' T-shirts, READY for HOT GIRLS and GUYS this summer.

Thank you Terzann, Designer of Lady Knuckles, for being the judge of  our WFG T-Shirt Design Competition 2012! Most of all, THANK YOU for all those who enter the competition. 

Look out for our upcoming events and get another chance to win and showcase your talent, FASHIONISTA!