Sunday, 8 April 2012

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The article on graceful movement of wellbeing is complimented with the photo shoot of the author Olga Rishi captured by Adel Delis in the wilderness of  Heligan Gardens in Cornwall, England. 

Photography Adel Delis fashion
Photography: Adel Delis
Harmony of Change by Olga Rishi
photography: Adel Delis

The magnificent kaleidoscope of the art galleries of London, Florence and Barcelona left no space for any doubt that art is an index of social change. Fashion, the intricate flower blossoming on the meadow of art, is even more representative of such change, disciplined by the fashion shows that have to be given twice a year. The talented designers, the slender, delicate models, and the colorful crowd around - everyone stays tuned for the slightest whisper of change, to rightfully claim the desired status of the trend-setter.

Photography Adel Delis fashion
Photography: Adel Delis
In the last few years, the focus was shifting towards a more natural look, and it has become an established trend to look after yourself by changing the attitude to life: revising your diet, the way you exercise. 

Fashion is all about expression; but you need to be comfortable with yourself, not unsettled, so your bright unorthodox personality can shine through today’s hectic life.

Photography Adel Delis fashion
Photography: Adel Delis
We all can easily get lost in the restless thinking process that keeps us in our heads and that interferes with the feeling of happiness and overall well-being.

If we are making more conscious food choices, we re-establish our connection to nature, to other living things around us, because by choosing organic, we take care of them, too. the other way of getting out of that "could have, would have, should have" is to start practising some yoga, which has a 5000-year-old history of being effective at calming the mind and bringing wholeness into one's life.

I try to avoid clich├ęs, but a “healthy lifestyle” always includes some tips on the foods we choose. Food is a journey; it really should start beyond your plate. Think how detached we get from the things we eat. Many of the products travel miles before we pick them up from a supermarket’s shelf, and sometimes they lose their entire flavor in the process. I love the concept of organic produce. Organic is so much more ethical: it supports local communities, it protects the biodiversity and it is grown using natural fertilizers. If you are into eating meat, animals are far better treated at small organic farms. Do not participate in the dreadful agony of the animals raised on the large-scale killing machine-like farms, where they are given antibiotics, GM feed and are kept in cages too small for any movement. So please pay attention to where the meat comes from.
Organic produce is often grown locally, too. The less transportation, the less distance the food travels, the less is our carbon footprint.

Photography Adel Delis fashion
Creatures of fashion should live gracefully. There is beauty in treading lightly on the planet during this quick but intense lifespan.

Organic farmers have to adhere to strict standards set by the governing body that labels the produce organic. When farmers rely on their skill rather than oil-derived chemicals, they must be putting in more care and honorable intentions into growing those strawberries and beetroots. Perhaps this is what makes the taste better. And to be honest, organic apples are so much more scrumptious, just like the ones I had as a kid whilst staying at my grandma’s countryside house. Oh.


Some physical exercise is necessary to remain easygoing. Yoga is a superb stress-reliever. It gives flexibility, fitness, and, most importantly, it is that golden ticket to a serene sanctuary for your mind where stress does not exist. In translation from Sanskrit the word “yoga” means “union”. All yoga postures, the asanas, are connected with the breathing patterns, so it is important to be mindful of inhales and exhales. That kind of concentration keeps all other thoughts away, and brings some freedom from the trappings of the mind. Once you have learned to calm your mind with breathing in a yoga class, the very same technique can be used whenever you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine. This can be particularly helpful in times when you feel like the only constant thing is change! 
Yoga gives an opportunity to get re-introduced to every part of your body, get it filled with the joy of being alive, here-and-now. 

It is so important to be grounded in the present moment when there is change happening. To profoundly admire the scenery around you, the beautiful things you let yourself get inspired with. 

Photography Adel Delis fashion
It is almost like seeing a butterfly: if you stay very still, it will approach you. 

The world around us is the greatest gift we will ever get; to be most thankful we should accept its flowing nature with an open heart. How is that for a new fashion movement? 

Author: Olga Rishi
Editor: Adel Delis