Thursday, 15 March 2012

Michel - Olivier Geraghty of Frappé London, is an adept man in many fields; a blogger,
model, stylist, designer and an architect major. 
How can this man handle it all?
by: Pair Anantawithayanon

Eyes: Brown

How did you get into modeling? 
Working as a stylist, originally I was scouted by another model on set.
What inspired you to become a model? 
Being a model was something I never aspired to do it, it was something that 'luckily' happened. 
How are you finding the experience so far?
It definitely has its ups and downs but engaging and meeting new people everyday makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.
Most memorable modeling moment?
When I was doing my first runway show in London with a line up of top models after only modeling for a week I was so nervous.
Is modeling, ultimately, what you want to do for life? Where do you see your life heading? 
Whilst I'm in the industry, my aim is to reach the top, with hard work and perseverance I believe this can be achieved. I want to finish off the 2nd and 3rd part of my architecture studies and design fashion retail spaces and luxury apartments /house. Modeling is also a good way of networking and meeting people I would have never had the chance to if I wasn't. Also continue styling and working on my luggage label.
Styled by Simon Foxton
What inspired you to choose a degree in architect?
Being raised around construction. As my father renovated house for a living. 
Tell us more about your luggage label and how did you get started?
I interned for H by Harris and Okmarc before I even started on my own collection. I needed to learn the process of something that I could be proud of.
I'm still in the sampling stage so there is much to be done. My focus is on luxury, designing a collection of the finest quality aesthetic and ergonomically designed for many formalities. Towards the end of the year I will be releasing a 6 piece collection  with 10 of every piece only.
Define your style?
I see my style as ecliptic, but mainly luxe -street.
What advice would you give to young people out there interested in becoming a model?
Have patience, never lose motivation and be confident.
What is your most recent work? 
Recently shot the cover of Drapers magazine. 
Your favorite quote?
It's nothing major just progress...
Style icon? Kanye west 

Favorite city? New York
In courtesy of Frappé London
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