Friday, 10 August 2012

Photographer Alla Leonova interviewed about challenge of photography,  beauty and inspiration

 Interviewed by Adel Delis 

We introduce Alla Leonova, Russian photographer and model with captivating personality and touching artistic works. 

I came to photography firstly by standing in front of camera. I have learnt in humanitarian lyceum and my friend had a camera. Me and my friend, absolutely devoid of complexes and fears, were chosen as objects of shooting. While I was in the frame I have accumulated my own ideas and desire to have my own camera. After finishing my studying in lyceum I've been given camera as a gift and the magic has started.

For now photography for me is like diary, the way of expressing my feelings for which I have no words… they could only be shown. This is like air. I think presently I am like a fish, I rarely jump out of the water to take a breath.

1. What kind of feeling do you want to express through your photographs?
I don't think about what feelings I want to share through a photograph. I just have them. 
They different – from deep to light and flitting like a butterfly

2. Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?  I love everything and I can't stop on something one. 

3. What inspires you? What puts you in the creative mood?
The Baltic sea in Kaliningrad – I was raised there. Also my memories from childhood inspire me, the magical perception of the world.

4. What is beauty for you?
Something that makes you stop and think. For me this is a distinction between perfection and some detail at first glance not acceptible.

5. What is the biggest challenge of photography? 
For me it is the fact that I can't install camera in my eyes. 

6. What established photographers do you admire?
Gregory Crewdson

7. Is there type of appearance you prefer for photo shoots? I prefer to choose people whose inner world hitch me up, people that look at and always see something new.

8. What would you say makes a photograph special?

9. Would you say photography depicts reality or creates world of it's own?
For me photography creates the world of it's own. Even if photographer tries to depict reality he expresses his own point of view.

More about Travelling by foot, Cooking and Floristics:

I like to observe… the world, people, the way of how clouds changing in the sky… that is why, if there is such possibility, I travel much by foot. All these wonderings, thinking upon them, lead me to analyze and knowledge of myself through world. All the things that we notice around are inside of us and this teaches to accept.

I love to cook not by a recipe and to invent new dishes, combination of tastes – this is a great cheer to me to treat my beloved people with these goodies.

My recent occupation with floristics amazed me with it's possibilities and with that actually it is much brighter and more beautiful than we see in flower shops. This is art of loving every single tiny grass, finding it's own place in the bouquet and making a masterpiece of it all.

Photos: Courtesy of Alla Leonova

Editor: Adel Delis