Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oxford Fashion Week    
NOV 2012
Do you want to witness the collection of famous Designers/Brands and experience one of the most prestigious fashion events in the UK? Oxford Fashion Week has showcased Alexander Mcqueen, Matthew WilliamsonValentin Yudashkin in their past shows. 

If you want to be part of the glamorous fashion shows and meet great people, this is definitely the must-go event!

TICKETs are on sale, officially in WARWICK:

Transport from Warwick can be arranged.

8th - Cosmopolitan Show 

 £15    VIP: £25

9th - Concept Show 

 £15    VIP: £25

10th - Haute Couture Show


VIP includes front row seats.
Group tickets can be purchased in discount. 

Please contact for ticket purchase and collection or details about the event. 

No of tickets are limited, especially for VIPs. Purchase your ticket ASAP to avoid disappointment!