Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Great Gatsby Midnight Fashion Show
Happy Valentine’s Day & 1-Year WFG Anniversary                          
by Wytane Au

It has come to the second year of the Valentines Day fashion show hosted by Warwick Fashion Group. This year, in coherence with the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trend, the style of the fashion show was inspired by the Roaring Twenties and The Great Gatsby film 

'That legendary jazz-age tale by F. Scott Fitzgerald - was to get a Baz Luhrmann makeover, complete with Carey Mulligan as Miss Daisy Buchanan.' - Vogue  

The 1920s flapper look was the greatest part of the show, and WFG has decided to play the scene at the finest, VIP area of Altoria, Boutique, with a grand and glamourous atmosphere.

The show started at midnight. From French couture to petit uptight dresses, the thick eyebrows and cigarette pipes were the symbol of old age. I love the entire boldness of the show and had a great time with my 'Gatsby' on the Valentine's night. Thanks WFG.

"It was an amazing idea, greatly implemented and organised. I really enjoyed the atmosphere backstage, which felt like the actual twenties." - Aydan Hasanli, one of the models commented.


Great Gatsby-Inspired Make up by Agnes Chui and Azlbeta Bebe Husakova; Hair by Olgu Afsaroglu and Mey Cezairli.

Photography: Gergely Sallak and Smileysnap Photography
Author: Wytane Au

Editor: Teenie Fung