Friday, 25 April 2014

5 Fashion rules that should be broken

1) You cannot wear too much of one colour

This is partially true, but you can wear one colour from top to bottom and still look chic. How? By using different shades of the same colour. It also helps if your piece are made out  of different materials. 

2) You cannot wear two bold colours at once

False. Ever heard of colour blocking? You can wear two bold colours at once but make sure that the two bold colours complement each other. Also you can bring the two bold colours together by adding a neutral accessory, such as a belt. The neutral belt will act as a mediant to tie the two contrasting colours together. If you are wearing two contrasting colours on top, wearing neutral shoes will also do. And don’t forget, wearing shoes in the same shade as your skin will also visually elongate your legs.

3) You cannot pair black and navy together
I don’ t even understand why this is a rule. Although black is a very dark colour, you should keep in mind that black also serves as a neutral colour, just like greys, ivories, tans and creams. Neutrals bring an outfit together. You can wear neutral with just about any colour because they will complement one another. Meaning, you can pair black with just about anything. So yes, black and navy work absolutely well together. Moreover it is a great colour combination to bring into the winter season. 

4) You should not mix different prints together 
This is absolutely false because mixing different prints together can look great. But there is a strategic way of doing it, so you don’t end up looking like a mess. Prints are visually very busy on their own. So you want to find a print that will complement the other print and you want to make sure that one print is more dominant than the other.
5) Mixing metals 

Mixing gold with silver?! Don't worry, not so bad of an idea.  Actually gold and silver can be great friends as long  as it looks deliberate. If you are wearing 99% gold and 1% silver, that won't do. If you work in an even mix, totally chic. So in sum, make sure you have the same amount of each metal, so that one does not look more prominent than the other. 

So remember guys, when someone imposes a rule on you, remind them that some are simply just meant to be broken!