Friday, 31 October 2014

Top 5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow and this year it falls on a Friday, so you are probably already invited to 6 weekend Halloween parties. 

But who buys costumes weeks in advance? Definitely not you. 

Of course the easiest thing to do would be to go to Tesco, Planet Bong or any other store littered with extremely revealing variations on every uniform and fantasy character under the sun, but who wants to be Slutty Witch No. 5 at a party? We will help you dress originally and most importantly, in style. Fear not (leave that for tomorrow!), as we present our top 5 costumes you can get before nightfall. 

1. Gatsby style never gets old. 

Try this True Decadence dress from House of Fraser with simple flats and add this Zara headband for a simple, but stylish outfit that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. 
Michelle Phan has an amazing makeup tutorial you can follow, to finish up your look. 

2. Be adventurous! 
And we mean, literally - dress up as a female version as one of the most famous adventurers of the silver screen - Indiana Jones. For that you will need this H&M hat and any white shirt of your choosing (we actually prefer a mens one for this costume!). You can tie it in a knot to reveal more body, or keep it tucked in to stay more true to the character. 
If you feel like REALLY getting into the role, grab this whip from Ann Summers. 

Alternatively, go for Lara Croft look with a white tank top, cargo shorts and large boots. Bow and pistol holsters are optional but encouraged. 

3. Grab a friend and get spooky. 

Matching costumes are not only impressive at a party, but also show the true dedication and friendship between those wearing them. Pay homage to the classic that is The Shining by dressing up as the Twins. This Topshop dress would be perfect - just add a simple white sash and tie it in a bow at the front. if you and your friend have mismatching hair, fix that with appropriate wigs - they will be easy to find at this time of year. 

4. Bring back a childhood character. 

Many will remember Pippi Longstocking from when we were kids. Now is the time to bring her back. While the “classic” character has a patched up blue dress, feel free to improvise with colours! Don’t forget the cute pigtails! You can use a wig here as well. H&M has a cute blue dress in its Basics collection which you can easily use as the basis and add the patches, if you have the time. 

5. Turning a black dress into a costume. 

Who rocked a black dress better than any other Halloween-themed character? Morticia Addams of course. All you need is a long black dress (like this beautiful lace H&M one for example) and some great pale makeup and you are good to go. If you have a date, get him to grab a pinstripe suit and a moustache, and you have a beautiful couples costume. 

Written by: Ivan Slobodin
Edited  by: Diana Drgonova